Staying Fit While Traveling Part 2: Holiday Eating



The biggest challenge of fitness and overall health is the kitchen. No matter what your personal goals are food is going to be at least 90% of reaching that goal. The holidays is a popular time to bring up diet and food consumption. That’s because people seriously lose all control and then feel like telling the rest of the world how guilty they feel. We’ve all done it. As you all know by now I love to eat and I don’t deprive myself at all. However, I definitely do not make poor eating habits a regular thing. Even on my travels I am always aware of what I eat. It can be hard to do that when you are out of your element or in a new place. My goal when I’m on the road or in a situation where I don’t have total control over my food is to never over eat. I will eat till I feel satisfied and then stop. Most people over eat, and then discover that they can “never” lose weight. It can be hard training your stretched out stomach to know when enough is enough but it’s worth it. Your body is the gives the best advice on what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Listen to what it’s telling you!


The holidays suck for trying to listen to your body’s messages, I to fall victim to its siren call.  All that delicious butter, sugar, and salt filled food is just begging to be shoved down your throat. Now at this point I should have a list of tips and tricks to help you stay trim and sexy while still indulging. I don’t. The only trick is your own mind. I don’t know what your personal health goals are. But whatever they are it’s 100% up to you to stick to them. If you don’t have any real goals and you over ate at Thanksgiving or whenever then don’t complain. If you do have goals and you are struggling with your mind I feel your pain! But one mistake will not ruin your chances of succeeding I promise. Learn what your triggers for over eating are and learn to do better next time.



3 thoughts on “Staying Fit While Traveling Part 2: Holiday Eating

  1. I think I have benefited this past year in just saying ‘no’ to seconds. As good as the taste was, it can be a memory I enjoy reliving, but not re-eating. Thanks for posting, Hannah, and thanks for sharing our Holiday Eats in moderation!


  2. It is not only about what you eat, but how much you eat. I’m glad you brought up portion control. It is important to stop eating when your full when your trying to lose weight, and it demonstrates self-control. Hannah, you have a very tasteful way of writing, so don’t stop or you will disappoint your followers. Thanks for sharing your advice with us.

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