A Little Bit About My Epic Road Trip

Somewhere In Chapel NC there is a road sign that follows my blog

Somewhere In Chapel Hill NC there is a road sign that follows my blog

I got tired of the fitness series so decided three posts related to that was more than enough. Instead I decided I would write a little bit about my brush with the nomadic lifestyle and being a little bit homeless.

It all started back in November. I had been planning my epic road trip for a few months and could not wait to say au revoir to the Coast Guard and hit the open highway. Well now I’ve been on the open highway for almost a month (Sunday will be the month mark) and I would love to be in a situation where my butt didn’t feel like it was permanently glued to a car seat. If I’m not driving I’m walking. Just about every place I’ve visited so far I’ve walked till I’ve dropped.  One reason I cut my fitness series short was because I couldn’t keep writing about all the walking I was doing! It’s been grueling and I think I’m ready to walk a marathon.

New Orleans Santa

New Orleans Santa

Now apart from my sore butt and tired feet I’ve really enjoyed this trip. America is incredibly diverse. Cape May NJ is a very different town from New London CT. Philadelphia PA is a different country compared to San Antonio TX. And Boston is a totally different planet from New Orleans. I could spend hours just writing about the differences in the culture and history of each place.

I realize that for a lot of people getting outside of their town is both expensive and terrifying. But I also realize that a lot of people are making weak excuses for not getting out and seeing new places. To travel and open up your eyes to a new world and create a more empathetic heart you don’t have to leave your country. You can benefit greatly just from traveling around the states. It’s a good stepping stone or baby step for anyone considering world travel. It’s easier to plan and budget trips in your country while still being able to see different lifestyles and learn from them.

This San Antonio shop is strangely similar to most of the markets in Mexico

This San Antonio shop is strangely similar to most of the markets in Mexico

My trip is far from over. I’m not scheduled to end my homelessness till Christmas Eve. But so far between my travel in the Coast Guard and this road trip I’ve gotten a very clear picture of how diverse and interesting America is. Go explore for your self and see if I’m wrong. I know you’re curious!


One thought on “A Little Bit About My Epic Road Trip

  1. it’s complicated, but the short of it is that we stole San Antonio and more from Mexico, who stole it from the natives, who had squatter’s rights for a good long time….


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